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TEXTILE ASU in 2001, participated in the life of the Turkish-American partnership in the textile firm. The first years of firms engaged in the export market by 2005, only the American market has opened in Europe and especially England, including the path of many European countries began to produce valuable brands. Today, still in England, France, Spain, Russia and Germany, our company is engaged in exports of the last fashion trends introduces its customers fast delivery and fast production targets.

ASU Women's clothing mainly on the production of textile collections, and although children's clothing has been serving its customers. Bursa is the most rational manner to customers using rich fabric resources by moving them to the latest trends, our company provides the fastest service and acceptable price ranges, with the principle of common denominators with each customer has a tight relationship.

In short, ASU TEXTILE, fashion, speed, quality, and price to the highest level by removing the quartet continues to tuberculosis services to customers all over Europe.

Address : Cumhuriyet Mh. 1. Cad. No:11 Demirtaş/BURSA/TURKEY 16245 Telephone : 224 262 37 38 Fax : 224 262 20 87
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